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Masoumi Houshmand, Terzi Fatih; Serag Yehya E ;

Neighborhood-Scale Urban Form Typologies of Large Metropolitan Areas: Observations on Tehran, Istanbul, and Cairo Journal Article

Cities, 85 , pp. 170-186, 2019.

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Masoumi, Houshmand E; Gouda, Amr Ah; Layritz, Lucia; Stendera, Pia; Matta, Cynthia; Tabbakh, Haya; Razavi, Sima; Masoumi, Houshiar; Mannasoğlu, Betül; Kılınç, Özlem; Sharara, Ashraf M; Mahmoud, ElNably; Alhakeem, Ahmad; Ismail, Sherzad; Fruth, Erik

Urban Travel Behavior in Large Cities of MENA Region: Survey Results of Cairo, Istanbul and Tehran Miscellaneous

Discussion Paper, 2018.

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Masoumi, Houshmand E

Urban Travel Behavior, Urban Land Use, Preferences and Personal Decisions about Transportation: Results of a Survey in Tehran, Istanbul, and Cairo (in Persian) Inproceedings

2018, (presented to 6th National Conference on Sustainable Development in Geographical Sciences and Planning, Architecture, and Urbanism, Tehran).

Links | BibTeX | Tags: Cairo, Istanbul, Tehran, transportation decisions, transportation preferences, urban land use, urban travel behavior

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