Houshiar Masoumi

Houshiar Masoumi is student of architecture in Tehran. He has been active in residential construction projects. Apart from participation in data collection activities, his other interests are project management and interior design. Houshiar’s main interest regarding stepping in the project has been improving his social and cultural interaction through an international research. Also improving his data collection abilities for research purposes has been another motive encouraging him to work as a survey team member.

Sima Razavi

Sima Razavi is data collection freelancer with background in medicine and public health sectors. She has been active in a survey in form of face-to-face interviews in a previous project with Dr. Houshmand Masoumi in Tehran in autumn 2012 with the subject of travel behavior and urban transformation. Sima is lives in crowded areas of western Tehran. Finding innovative solutions for transportation of people with their own participation has been an interesting point for her in this survey. She is ambitious of participating in professional data collection activities in the future. For more information on her, please have a look at the website of the ZTG.